talk and workshop in Berlin

Posted by René on April 29, 2015

We will introduce WEAR-LEDS to the public during a talk on May 5th, 2015, at re:publica 2015 in Berlin. Two days later, we will give a workshop with the first WEAR-LEDS prototypes. Don’t miss it!

##Talk: Finally solved – Sewing LEDs to Textiles In the past years, it became easy to sew three LEDs to a microcontroller on a T-Shirt. But if you are using more LEDs, you still face many problems. This talk gives a short overview of wearable technologies that we used since 2008 and we will present our brand new WEAR-LEDs. More…

##Workshop: WEAR LEDS! HOW TO SEW LEDS TO YOUR CLOTHES THE EASY WAY We will give a workshop on how to sew WEAR-LEDS to clothings. It is very easy! Please bring your own piece of fabric and register here.